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Portable gaming, for all your handheld (gaming) fun.

All about handhelds and portables of various shapes and sizes :)

Portable gaming! Covering everything portable!
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This community is all about portable gaming and its wonders, both hardware and software.
Bear with me that this is just an early beginning, and it's also the first time I ever have ran a community. :)

So, what is the general topics in here?
Anything regarding portable gaming. Covering newer portables like the upcoming Gizmondo, and the recent GP2X, PSP and slightly older Nintendo DS. Also, older machines such as The Gameboy Advance (SP), GP32, GameBoy Color. Even the odd and rare have a place here, such as the Game King, GameAxe, Nomad and even the custom ones, like the VCSp! Of course, discussions and stuff about the software for each is also a welcome thing :) Non gaming hardware is also welcome, such as the Texas Instruments calculators, which are known for their versatibility and game capabilities :)

What is not allowed here?
- I understand that there might be some topics that have widestrewn opinions, but I do not want flame wars.
- No spamming with out of topic things. Yes, that means you too Mr. African Royalty who doesn't know how to spell 'African' or 'Royalty'.

What can be done?
- More posters! Even if you just want to say how much you like your (insert console here), go for it!
- A new layout. Something I have been putting off for a while due to real life, but I already have a concept in mind.
- A list of all known portable consoles ranging from new to old, known to obscure. Anyone willing to help? Feel free to post with how it should be handled!

Other than that, respect the others and feel free to geek out :)

This info page last updated: 14 February 2006.