Jonesy "DrJones" Tawner (jonesybunny) wrote in portablegaming,
Jonesy "DrJones" Tawner

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Welcome to the portablegaming community. Since I like portables of all kinds and sizes, ranging from the known to the odd to the rare ones, I figured I'd start a community about them and see how it goes.

Of course, this community still needs a look of its own, so I'll be thinking and working on that as I find the time. Until then, post away!

As first thing, I wanted to put together a list of portables known. It's a huge list and some sites already have such a list, but we'd do good to have our own. I'd appreciate any help finding out about all sorts of machines, so I can put up a list somewhere. Thanks!

The portables I own currently are: GP32 FLU, Gameboy Classic Transparent, Game King, Game Duck, Game & Watch (tetris, I think), and some older LCD games.
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