:3 (alteredtranquil) wrote in portablegaming,

New Guy

What's up guys? I found this community by chance and thought it could use a little spicing up because it looks kinda dead. I'm more of the mainstream portable gamer. I currently own a PSP Slim, a DS Lite, and a GBA SP (which I only use for GameCube connectivity, older games meaning not GBA, and GBA multiplayer). I haven't heard much about the Gizmondo (I hope I'm spelling that correctly) but I had heard of it. I used to own a Game Gear, Gameboy (original), and Gameboy Color. I also had many of those Tiger Electronics games as a kid but they all died. I also have another community called nintendo_wi_fi as well.

I play my handheld games more than my actual consoles. I'm usually almost never home or too busy. I'm either always at school, looking for a job, or hanging out with friends so those bus rides don't seem as tedious. I have Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection currently in my PSP, Cooking Mama on my DS Lite, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX in my Gameboy Advance SP. Hopefully we can stir this place up a bit.
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