Jonesy "DrJones" Tawner (jonesybunny) wrote in portablegaming,
Jonesy "DrJones" Tawner

Spectron PMP30/3723ST

So I got my hands on this little gem. It's another one of those 30in1 8-bit nintendo famicom clones, but this is much different because it has its own 2" TFT screen. And for 40 euro this is a damn good deal.

I will be getting a second one soon so I can disect it, but it seems to feature the all-known NES-on-a-chip. It also has an AV cable to connect it to a TV like any other of the 30in1 famiclones. A company called Spectron BV sells this in The Netherlands, but it is definetly some goodie from China. I've yet to track down the original company.
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