The Sexy Geek (sexygeekguy) wrote in portablegaming,
The Sexy Geek


Hey all, I was looking for a GP32 community and I found this one so I figured I would join and say hi.

My GP32 BLU just arrived from I am in Canada, so got hit with the tax on it (15%) but it was worth it for such a unique device. Mine came with the wireless adapter and the Dungeon and Guarder game. Haven't hooked it up to the computer yet to load on emulators etc, but looking forward to geeking out with it this weekend.

In addition to the GP32, I own a NintendoDS and a Sega Game Gear. Even though I can emmulate them, I will be picking up an Atari Lynx and Sega Nomad just for nostalgia's sake one of these days.

I actually started a small NintendoDS site about a week ago... if you like have a look at
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